Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nurses Singing in the Chemo Room

Last Thursday in the Chemo room, I noticed some nurses gathering in one corner. Then all of a sudden they broke out into song … similar to what you have in restaurants when someone is having a birthday. Except instead of singing the words to Happy Birthday, they made up some other words which went something like this … Happy last chemo to you, happy last chemo to you, happy last chemo  dear *****, happy last chemo to you … and never more. The smile on the recipient’s face was big as big can be. I thought to myself, now that is pretty cool. And it happened once again a short time later.

As I was waiting for someone to book an appointment for me, I sat down beside one of the deserved gals. She had just received her last chemo and nobody could ever wipe that smile off her face. She was pretty happy and on top of all that she was getting her PICC line pulled too. We chatted for a while about our PICC line experiences and found out that she was a bit nervous about having it pulled. I said, this is my second one and when they pulled the first one, I felt no pain or discomfort. I think that put her a little at ease. I asked if I could watch and she said sure. Unfortunately, I had to leave when the nurse called me up to book my next appointment. Too bad I couldn't be there for her.


l'optimiste said...

you WERE there for her. Just having someone tell you that something doesn't hurt when you expect it to is worth a lot.

fab nurses! :)

Bernie said...

I'm sorry she was alone but like you when they removed my line out it didn't hurt at all. So nice you were able to explain this to her before she went to have it out.
Sending big hugs, hope you are feeling better....:-) Hugs

whidbeywoman said...

That story about the nurses is so great. Did you know that Oncology nurses are really angels in disguise?

Erin said...

Aaghh! I always wanted to hear that song for Maura. Never happened. You, however, are due to be serenaded, I'm sure.

gillian said...

I agree with whidbeywoman - oncology nurses really are angels in disguise. I love the fact that they burst into song. What a wonderful thing to do.
The nurses at the oncology centre where I went (in South Africa), told me that one patient, when she finished her last Herceptin treatment, burst into song - singing the national anthem, which is a kind of prayer as it says "God bless Africa!". Never forgotten that either.

Sami said...

I agree, you WERE there for her! Your words offered comfort when she needed it.

What great nurses! Such a wonderful idea. It even made ME smile from here :-)