Sunday, October 10, 2010

So Exhausted from the Ottawa Trip

Pooped, tired, worn-out, drained, beat, bushed, dog-tired, fatigued … I think that pretty well describes how I’ve been feeling these past few days. My Ottawa trip plain old wore me out. I thought I’d be able to handle all I had to do over there a bit better but apparently not. For now, my days of gallivanting across the country are over.

I was so tired these past few days that I felt nauseous and head achy. Emotionally … I could cry at the drop of a hat. I was plain old beside myself. I even started checking my temperature thinking something might be wrong.

Today I’m feeling quite a bit better. Even my sleep schedule is back on track. I’ve been having afternoon naps to top things up. I actually pulled out my trusty Benadryl before bed the last couple of nights because I’m coughing and wheezing when I lay down to sleep. I think some of my fatigue is partly my system fighting off the fall allergies.

Long story short, I’m no longer feeling like such a schmata.


Bernie said...

That kind of trip is exhausting for anyone Daria, so glad you are getting caught up on your rest. I do hope you have a quiet week ahead and you feel better soon.
......:-) Hugs

Joanie said...

Get lots of rest in the coming days and hopefully you'll have more energy.

Anonymous said...

My gosh yes that's alot on any person Daria, I'm proud of you and you get some rest!