Friday, August 13, 2010

Three Bloggers Meet at the Clinic

When Audrey and I had lunch last Tuesday we both mentioned we’d be at the clinic this Thursday and Friday. So it was no surprise when I ran into Audrey yesterday as she was going for her blood work. I sat with her as she waited for her appointment and I waited for my Onc appointment.

We were busy chatting away when a gal came up to me and said, ”Hi Daria, I’m Brenda from the blog.” It took me a second or two but I soon realized it was Brenda from Brenda's Breast Cancer Journey. We met online blogging about our breast cancer experiences. Brenda lives about an hour and half out of town; we’ve never met in person. She said she recognized my unique PICC line cover that I was wearing. I had posted a picture of it on my blog about a month ago. I think that is so funny.

Anyways, I go Brenda, “This is Audrey, she is also a blogger and her blog is called The Journey”. What a lovely coincidence … we went on to chat up a storm. Everything from blogging, to our treatments, to plans for summer vacations. It was a really heart warming time.


Bernie said...

Blogging has been wonderful in how it has brought so many of us together. How great that you all met up together it.

Anonymous said...

I know! From a girl who doesn't believe in coincidences - this was quite the coincidence! i had a lot of fun chatting with you guys.
love and hugs,

Barbara said...

Hi Daria -- Thank you so much for following my blog! Best wishes to you and continued health.

Barbara said...

It's so nice that you can meet up with other bloggers in real life. And that you have so many wonderful friends for support.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! LOL