Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blood Work and CT Scan Today

This morning it was off to the clinic to have my blood work done for tomorrow’s chemo. The good news is that my whites are back to normal. Last week the number was .6 and this week it’s at 3. I am good to go for chemo tomorrow. Next is my CT scan. 

I was not anticipating getting poked ever again because I have a PICC line. To my surprise, the CT gals said it was not a Power PICC meaning it could not be used for CT injections. The nurse said … you got this done here right? I said yes. Apparently this clinic doesn’t use Power PICCs anymore because they don’t have the best blood return. Humfff … I had Power PICC last chemo and all went well for me. Long story short, we had to find another vein for the IV tracer fluid. After a hot towel and a hot pack on my arm, the nurse got a vein… first try… a tiny little poke. The Cross nurses are good.

After that, I gave D a call and asked him to pick me up. It was something like 11 and I still hadn’t had my morning coffee or breakfast. So being on top of the to-do list … we stopped at an uptown Second Cup. We got a nice table outside and had our coffee and muffin. The scene couldn’t be more perfect … sun shining, Daisy dog on my lap, talking with D and sipping coffee … watching the hustle and bustle of the world around us.


WhiteStone said...

You gotta love a good nurse! Hurray for the success on the first try.
You always make coffee at an outside table sound soooo nice!!!!

Cheryl said...

Daria I cannot help but say a prayer for you and give thanks for your ability to overcome obstacles.
Good news here with a proficient nurse locating the vein for tracer fluid.
Your time with D sounds idyllic.
Well done!

Bernie said...

So glad you are able to have your chemo tomorrow. Good luck and am wishing you a wonderful weekend.
......:-) Hugs

ScheduledMailing said...

Good luck with your chemo tomorrow. My friend always felt good for the first few hours and then had to get some much needed rest. Take care and rest if you feel tired. Prayers are with you. Hugs