Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chemo Went Well

I had chemo yesterday. My appointment time was 3:00 pm which is quit late in the day so I decided to fill the morning and early afternoon with lots of fun stuff. Lunch with my good friend Audrey and short visit with my good friend C from the Second Cup coffee group.

By the time I got to the clinic I was feeling really good … ready to get the infusion going. Everything progressed perfectly so I was outta there in about an hour.

I came home, had supper. I felt some very mild nausea and a bit warm and agitated so I went down to the basement where I did some knitting and cooled off. Came upstairs and watched just a bit of TV and off to bed I went. This morning I woke up feeling pretty good. I’m very excited about that.


WhiteStone said...

Glad you are feeling well. I had chemo yesterday too. I'm hyped on steroids right now but not bad. I'm grateful to be feeling good.

Anonymous said...

I loved our lunch yesterday, and can't wait to do it again! Stay well, my lovely friend.

gillian said...

What is the second cup coffee group?