Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Week After Chemo

A week ago Tuesday, I got a treatment of Docetaxel or more commonly known as Taxotere. For the first 3-4 days, the side effects were manageable. They were probably better than manageable but it was due to the Dexamethasone that gives you a 'kick' in your energy level. Wow, I thought this was pretty good but once the pills ran out, so did the energy level. It was like going off a cliff. I think it was about Saturday night that things started getting a crazy. The temperature outside was running in the 30 -35 Celsius range. Can I tell you, that does not go well with chemo. Anyways some of the symptoms I experienced included; severe headaches, sore scalp, sore finger nail beds where I can't even open a small bottle of water, loss of taste, very itchy white pimples around the nose area, nose bleeds, sore muscles/bones, terrible sleeps, extreme constipation (5 days), fatigue and temperatures that were a bit elevated ... 37.7 Celsius.

I will be much more prepared for next time and feel that it will go better. There was a point at which I was thinking I could not do this again but now that it's over and time has passed, I think I can. I know I will need to look for support along the way. The Cross Cancer has an outstanding Arts and Medicine Program that gets going in September. They offer wonderful support in times of need.

Prior to today, I spent 3 days in pajamas but today the temperature was cooler and I felt well enough to dress up in clothes and step outside. It felt great. Tomorrow, I'm going to the mall to reward myself with a small something. I think I deserve it.

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