Friday, August 15, 2008

Chemo Day

Tuesday I had my chemo. Today is Friday. I must say the chemo experience this time was much more manageable that the last time. It was suggested to get a portable DVD player so that I could watch movies during the treatment. What a great piece of advice. The treatment day started with blood work at 9:30 am and chemo at 10:30. Unfortunately, between the blood work and the chemo vein that was required, they ended up poking me about 7 times in total. My veins kept collapsing. Long story short, I got out at 3:30 pm with the knowledge that I will need to get a 'central venous catheter' put in my chest for future treatments. Looks like it is going to require some maintenance on my part and the hospitals. The nurses encouraged me that it isn't too bad.

Regarding the chemo itself, it went really well. I watched 'Class Action' and some of 'The Best of Mr. Bean'. I was giggling towards the end of the treatment, I'm sure everyone thoughts I was 'nuts'. Anyways, I would highly recommend getting a DVD player and watch some movies to take the mind off what is happening.

I will admit there were moments of tears that came forward. How could I be going through this again? It sure makes you contemplate life.

My husband picked me up from the hospital and we went home. I was waiting for the nausea and vomiting to start, but to my surprise it did not come. I followed the drug schedule they prescribed and it went well. I took Ativan to sleep and poof the morning came and once again was surprised by how manageable this was. My experience with chemo 8 years ago was so different. I was vomiting just about every treatment and felt awful.

Fast forward to today ... I eat small portions, try and get lots of fruit and water in to ward off the constipation caused by the drugs. I am feeling fatigued but I just rest regularly. Laying down seems to make a world of difference.

Overall ... I am very happy with how this played out.

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