Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sleepy Fall Weather

Yesterday morning I had an appointment with my chiropractor and then in the afternoon I had coffee with the BC group. Generally I look forward to doing both but these days the only thing on my mind is … I want to nap.

When I was at the chiropractor’s getting my calves stretched and massaged, I tried to make small talk with the Doc but I eventually said to him, you know what, I could just fall asleep right here on this table. He laughed and said everyone is walking around the office yawning. He said it’s just that time of the year. Hey … it’s not just me.

I find the early darkness and cooler temperature of fall make for great sleeps at night. I just wish I wasn’t so sleepy during the day.

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Bernie said...

I am looking forward to being home next week and napping all I want. I love baby sitting my great nieces and nephews but the 3 and 5 year olds really plays me out and honestly Daria I don't remember when I was so tired......take your naps while you can sweetie, I will never take my nap time for granted again.....Hugs